In addition to international conferences, from its origin the HRDC has organized, alone or in collaboration, workshops on topical themes.



First Seminar on the future of the United Nations human rights protection system, April 25, 2017


First Franco-Argentine Seminar on enforced disappearances in the framework of the cooperation program between the CRDH and the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, funded by the ECOS-South program.


« La justice transitionnelle peut-elle apporter une réponse aux crimes de masse » (Transition Justice could be the answer to mass crimes).  Round table around Mark OSIEL, (January 16, 2017) professor at the University of Iowa. Co-organized with the Institute of Advanced International Studies and the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development



Second Seminar on International penal law, June 6, 2016, organized in partnership with the Defense Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.


Public lecture (March 3) and private seminar (March 4) on the question of reparation of crimes of the past and more specifically the reparation of atrocities committed against Armenians in 1915, organized in partnership with the Academy of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (ADH-Geneva).


“Torture and Dignity. An Essay on Moral Injury”, round table discussion with Jay BERNSTEIN, May 26, 2016, professor at the New School for Social Research. Co-organized with CERSA and the Michel Villey Institute.

Workshop on “La pénalisation des droits de l’Homme” (The Criminalization of Human Rights), June 15, 2015, Prague, in cooperation with the International Law Center of Charles University in Prague.

First Reflection Seminar in international penal law, May 4, 2015, organized in partnership with the NGO Civitas Maxima.


Reflection Seminar on the European Court of Human Rights, April 15, 2015


Reflection Seminar on International Penal Law about Civitas Maxima, May 4, 2015



Is sovereignty still at the foundation of International law? October 2, 2014, in the framework of the I.U.F. Professor de Frouville, with Emmanuelle TOURME-JOUANNET, Professor at the Sorbonne Law School, Stéphane CHAUVIER, Professor at the Sorbonne (Paris IV), Serge SUR, Professor at University of Paris 2, Frédéric RAMEL, Professor at Sciences Po Paris.


Workshop on Development and Human Rights, co-organized with the SFDI Bureau of Young Researchers, February 21, 2014.



Seminar Series in partnership with UNESCO’s National French Commission, under the general topic, “The implementation of the UN Declaration on Education and Training for Human Rights Issues, challenges and prospects for France.” The CRDH implemented a cycle of seminars: Education in Human Rights and Civic Morality (January 30, 2013) , Human Rights Education and History (March 19, 2013) , Human Rights Education and Science (Spring 2014) , Human Rights Education and Philosophy (held in 2014).


The countries of Latin America and the fight against enforced disappearances, seminar co-organized with the Association of Latin American Students and Former Students in International Law (ELADI), with Professor Emmanuel DECAUX (Paris 2), Yai Gonzalez MURILLO (ELADI), Mirna Murillo Gamarra (Assofam Bolivia), Professor Daniel VARGAS (Universidad Catolica de Colombia), Emmanuel GUEMATCHA (Paris X), Kathia MARTIN-CHENUT (CNRS), Olivier de FROUVILLE (Paris 2), Jimena REYEZ ( FIDH).


The European Arrest Warrant, 22 February 2013, co-organized by the CRDH, the CREDHO and the Human Rights Training Institute of the Paris Bureau.

Workshop on the occasion of the Article-by-Article Commentary of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, February 1, 2013.




Launch of the Commentary on the African Charter on Human Peoples’ Rights led by Professor Maurice Kamto (Bruylant, 2011). February 10, 2012.




As part of their joint program and under the International and European Pole of Paris II University, the CRDH and the Center of European Law of Paris II organized a workshop on The European Union and the Rights fundamentals that took place on October 20, 2011.



A celebration was organized by the CRDH on the occasion of the publication of the collective commentary of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on Thursday, December 16, 2010.

The CRDH, in partnership with the Irish Center for Human Rights, organized a seminar on May 3, 2010 at the Irish Cultural Center in Paris titled “The new functions of the United Nations Human Rights Council in the field of the law”.

The CRDH joined the Protection Project of Johns Hopkins University in participating in the international conference organized by the Mediator of the Republic, Jean-Paul DELEVOYE February 1, 2010 on Universal Principles and Regional Guarantees, the example of the Charter Arab Human Rights Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights.