The Masters 2 program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law is composed of two parts– a professional branch and a research branch — which prioritizes the formation and success of licensed jurists who hold equivalent diplomas in Ecole Normale, Political Science students, etc.


The international dimension is emphasized, with a educational foundation in international human rights law, international humanitarian rights, and international penal rights, as well as an understanding of European laws on human rights. Most of the teachers, including the academics (universitaires), have had first-hand experiences in international affairs, which allow them to combine theory with practical understanding in regards to the required courses they take as well as to the seminars that they choose. Each year two foreign visiting professors are invited to join the association.


The strong initial selection of students fosters an environment wherein students work collaboratively, participate in Moot Courts (mock trial competitions, such as the Cassin contest or the Pictet contest) and participate in the law clinic of CRDH. The M2DH attracts many international students, students who have participated in Erasmus programs abroad, and/or students who have had internships with NGOs or international organizations, which gives rise to an atmosphere of worldliness and opens CRDH students to the world.