CRDH Association

Located in the premises of the former Paris faculty of law, at 12 place du Panthéon, the Paris Human Rights Center was established in 1995 by the Deans Mario Bettati and Gérard Cohen-Jonathan. For more than twenty years, it has been one of the main research centers in France and in Europe, conducting research projects characterized by their integrative and integrative approach and vision of all standards and institutions of public international law, relating to the protection of human rights: international and european human rights law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law or refugee law.
Since its foundation, the CRDH has developed a dual purpose:
– to offer advanced teaching in all fields of international human rights and humanitarian law – first within the context of DESS, and then within the second-year Master Degree program providing a professional and a research program : more than 500 students were trained since its creation, more than 15 years ago, offering a pool of teacher-researchers and practitioners across the world, now linked through the CRDH Association.
– to constitute a center of excellence in expertise, in research and in the development of law, in the articulation of all these components with a broader international perspective, in partnership with all institutional bodies for “external legal policies” and diplomacy on human rights.

The CRDH is the host laboratory for the second-year Master program in human rights and humanitarian law of the Université Panthéon-Assas. This master entails two streams, a vocational one – that had taken over the DESS accredited in 1995 – and a research-stream master, created in 2005.

The CRDH extends this advanced training of graduate students with individual and collective research activities, from which several publications derived. Plenty of students of all nationalities prepare their doctoral-thesis within the center.
The CRDH organizes on a regular basis international colloquiums, study days and conferences, seminars and lectures. Since 2000, the center has published an electronic journal on fundamental rights. Along with its team of young researchers, the CRDH participates in international networks and animates ambitious scientific projects.

CRDH Association
CRDH Association aims to bring together the different generations of students of the second-year Master program in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law of the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, as well as all practitioners of law sensitive to scientific work on Human Rights.

The Association develops and encourages contacts between members and completers of the diploma by organizing cultural and scientific events, provides support for professional opportunities and supports and trains the participants for Moot court competitions.

Composition of the Bureau (elected on the November 21st, 2021):
President: Juliette Bagary-Latchimy
Vice-presidents: Myriam Dahhan & Olivier Pedeboy
General Secretary: Aurélien Godefroy
Treasurer: Victoria Dhaisn

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