The CRDH serves as a research center for the preparation of doctoral theses by hosting numerous PhD students, French and foreign.


Approved theses

Theses in progress


A list of finalized dissertations is available on the University’s website under the research section. In addition, it may be useful to consult the central file for dissertations, which contains all theses published through French universities.


Certain PhD students benefit from research allocations from the Ministry. In addition, in association with d’EGIDE, international scholarships are allocated to current or future PhD students as well as those pursuing a Master’s degree within the framework of a research project.


The preparation of a thesis involves individualized counsel from University professors affiliated with CRDH. General information on dissertation preparation can be found on the website for the Ministry for Higher Education and Research. The CRDH PhD students are doctorates in the school of international law, European law, and comparative law, which organizes its own functions of common interest.


It is strongly recommended that students read a canon of methodological works intended for jurists, including:

  • Simone DREYFUS, La thèse de doctorat et le mémoire – Etude méthodologique (sciences juridiques et politiques), éd. Cujas, 3e éd., 2000 ;
  • Michel BEAUD, L’art de la thèse: comment préparer et rédiger un mémoire de master, une thèse de doctorat ou tout autre travail universitaire à l’ère du net, La Découverte, 2005.
  • Edith JAILLARDON et Dominique ROUSSILLON, Outils pour la recherche juridique, méthodologie de la thèse de doctorat et du mémoire de master en droit, éditions des archives contemporaines, AUF, 2010.
  • Olivier CORTEN, Méthodologie du droit international public, éditions de l’Université libre de Bruxelles, 2009.